Our library at home was one of the most wonderful gifts our parents gave us. In that quiet little room with its sturdy shelves, we had the world at our fingertips — encyclopedias, atlases, storybooks, scientific series, Reader’s Digests, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Time Magazine…Every book seller who dropped by our home made a sale. We may not have had a vault full of money, but we had a library full of great books that held boundless treasures no amount of money could equal.

I grew up to be a reader, a lover of books. The written word entranced me, and continues to enchant me to this day. I hope to pass on my love of reading to my child. I pray that the humble collection I have so far gathered through the years will also capture his imagination and ignite his curiosity about the universe around him.

Through this blog, I do my share in spreading the love of reading books and I pay homage to my parents who showed me the door to the wonderful world between the covers.


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  1. I hope you are successful in passing down your love for reading. No one should grow up in a world without books.

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