Mapping the Deep


Mapping the Deep (The Extraordinary Story of Ocean Science) Author Robert Kunzig / First published as a Norton paperback / Copyright 2000 / Paperback, 345 Pages

Here is a book about something very few people really know about. And here is an author who is able to share with his readers substantial knowledge with clear and simple language. And that is no small feat.

Kunzig gets you inside the story of how the ocean science has been done and is being done and he does it without drowning you.  It is interesting, it is engaging and it is a joy to read. This book won the Aventis Science Book of the Year Award in 2001 and I hope the award was able to open the door for more people to find this gem of science writing.

With this under your belt, it will be easier for you to catch up whatever developments in oceanography since. In his preface, Kunzig notes that “there is not much written here about sharks or dolphins or whales or coral reefs; not much either of beaches, waves, or tides. Although all those things are important, they are relatively familiar. There is a lot instead about seafloor mountains and stormy deep currents and jellyfish floating in the open sea, far from shore in blue water. My focus is on the distant and unfamiliar – because there is so much that is unfamiliar, so much that is unexplored even now.”

Now, doesn’t that just tickle your gray matter such that you want to sit yourself down and dive right on into these pages?

We live in an archipelago, we grew up surrounded by the mysterious deep blue so you can see how fascinating this discovery is for me.  And after reading this book, I am now even more intrigued, more amazed, and more curious. This book is great gift by the author to all who love the planet and the oceans, to all who find joy in learning more about this amazing place we call home.


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