Woman (An Intimate Geography) Author: Natalie Angier /first published in the US by Houghton Mifflin Company,New York / Copyright 1999 / Published by Virago Press 2000 / Paperback 398 pages

In celebration of Women’s Month, I’ve decided to re-read my favorite “women’s” books. Top of the shelf is this gem you will find in the Women’s Studies section as well as the Science section of your favorite book shops.

The book’s note on the author, Natalie Angier, says she is a Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times journalist who has also won the Lewis Thomas Award and the Journalism Award of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The blurbs include quotes from Gloria Steinem, Fay Weldon, Time Magazine, Sunday Express and Woman’s Journal.

This is one book where the blurbs were spot on. Natalie Angier is a brilliant talent and I was thoroughly entranced by her writing that I also bought a hardbound edition of this book and I searched for and read her other books.

This is a book that helped me discover so much about my body and my self, to understand and appreciate the parts and the whole. There are books that you come back to again and again because it reminds you of things you tend to forget in the everyday stresses. I have a lousy memory and I am so thankful that Angier has written down the important stuff I should remember as a woman.

The book has so much information, so much science, and so much wit that it leaves you feeling nourished and strengthened. You inhabit your body more comfortably, more proudly, more gratefully. She is a wise woman and I love listening to the stories she tells. I hope they keep this book always in circulation so even more people can discover it.


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